Learn the proven secrets of global eCommerce success

Learn the proven secrets of global eCommerce success
Event on 2013-10-08 18:30:00

Ecommerce – the biggest thing in business today.

The most recent UK Government ONS figures confirm that ecommerce now represents over 30% of the UK economy and grows at around 13% annually (i.e. around double the growth rate of China). Major surveys show that the UK leads in many areas and its applications are driving this revolution in 21st Century trade, generating wealth, jobs and exports.

Since 1995 INDEZ has worked with startups, SMEs and large companies all sharing the common objective of high-growth online trade, and the desire to grow and dominate online markets.

In this event you will learn the proven secrets of global eCommerce success, as we review the technology and key business drivers that lead to success, along with numerous tips and tricks for trading online.

How can you take the guesswork out of eCommerce?

Before starting any eCommerce project you need to know if it is likely to work, and if so how well? 'Feasibility Testing' is a standard process used to reduce risk, and focus available resources on those items likely to generate the greatest profit in the shortest time-scale. It will support your business plan, and as its independent you can use it to justify investment when applying for start-up funding, or development finance.

What if you already have an eCommerce business?

Many ecommerce businesses do not achieve their full potential, for varied reasons: technical, financial, cultural, poor focus and management. Through case study examples this event will show how businesses can achieve strong steady growth. Whether you are currently trading online or only in the planning stages, this event will provide you with proven tips, tricks and insight which has led eCommerce businesses to 8 figure turnovers.

The bar for entry to eCommerce is very low, but the bar for success is set very high. With good preparation and planning, combined with the right technology and people, success can almost be engineered. Get one small bit wrong and the entire venture is likely to fail.

The UK Government is about to release a major new eCommerce strategy document, combined with a series of initiatives to help smaller businesses trade online; INDEZ was invited to participate in shaping this because of their track record in growing global eCommerce sales.

So book your place now, and enjoy a few drinks and some food while Learning the proven secrets of global eCommerce success.

at University of Kent
33 Queen Street
Canterbury, United Kingdom

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