Lebanon's media freedoms at risk

Lebanon's media freedoms at risk
For Tony Mikhael, a legal expert and consultant at Maharat, this is a reflection of Lebanese society: "In Lebanon, the people are politicised … so you find the websites affiliated to political parties are the most visited websites. The media is the …
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Blackphone is made to keep the snoopers away
When [consumers] use internet sites or internet-enabled apps, they also get to control how that information leaves the phone or if it leaves the phone," Weir-Jones explained at the Blackphone office. On the Blackphone, users will get an alert when …
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Social Sophistication
The world's most popular social network has evolved significantly since its 2004 inception as “a place for friends.” In its early days as a … “You can target anybody on Twitter who's visited your website in the past 90 days,” Drake says. “You know …
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