Lec 1 | MIT 5.111 Principles of Chemical Science, Fall 2005

Atomic Theory of Matter (Prof. Sylvia Ceyer) View the complete course: ocw.mit.edu License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at ocw.mit.edu More courses at ocw.mit.edu
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  3. 3techman says:

    Aaaaatom, crazy northerners

  4. thisismalcolm says:

    is she dancing :O

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  6. nugeloable says:

    the sexy profesor.. haha respect

  7. 61science says:

    Great job!

  8. TaterGumfries says:

    You’re right as far as measurin current incuctively, but induction ammeters don’t connect to the circuit. She showed a parallel connnection. 

  9. TheFaceOfJohnPants says:

    A Message to all who have something negative to say- Are you a professor at MIT? No? I didn’t think so. So appreciate this incredibly valuable educational resource or go watch something your mind can handle. Like cat videos.

  10. brizuelaledesma says:

    muchisimas gracias por compartir sus videos, son muy didácticos y claros. saludos desde paraguay

  11. crorillabe says:


  12. SharpLC60LE832UTrue says:

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  13. TaterGumfries says:

    But they don’t get hooked up like that. Maybe she’s just drawin it that way to make it look simple.

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