Lec 2 | MIT 6.189 Multicore Programming Primer, IAP 2007

Lec 2 | MIT 6.189 Multicore Programming Primer, IAP 2007

Lecture 2: Introduction to Cell processor (Courtesy of Michael Perrone. Used with permission.) License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at ocw.mit.edu More courses at ocw.mit.edu Subtitles are provided through the generous assistance of Rohan Pai.
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16 Responses to Lec 2 | MIT 6.189 Multicore Programming Primer, IAP 2007

  1. politicaltruth42 says:

    cell processor sucks its garbage its useless

  2. Bruce777999 says:


  3. mackler says:

    It’s amazing to think computers used to be so slow.

  4. alienkishorekumar says:

    Maybe you should wait for sometime

  5. troglodyto says:

    try to do some microprocessor programming, it’ll help you understand a lot about assembly and hardware-level stuff

  6. troglodyto says:

    the slide at 1:05 is really amazing

  7. lovelplants says:

    nice presentation

  8. PalmaMirtharm859 says:

    geil ich wiege 300 kilo

  9. zaneacademy says:

    great stuff… pretty good teacher

  10. agapitoflores001 says:

    This is one of my interest. This is so far the best resource I have found.

  11. Dzulhafizi Dzainal Abidin says:

    thanks a lot MIT! it seems like missing a lecture at my university doesn’t really matter right now!

  12. fireicer Cooper says:

    The cell processor is amazing chip but developers like me cant get our hands on it. its like IBM have locked it off under tight specific sales.

  13. fashanu1000 says:

    i like know 4 programming languges excellently and im 15 this shit aint even helping

  14. chaidaro says:

    i love it!

  15. Zapanath says:

    ok so the The Cell has two different processors (the 8 single and the PPE) why do they need two different compilers, i know that two compilers would be needed but why two different compilers that generate two different source codes? Hope someone understands what i am trying to say.

  16. veramentegina says:

    thank you MIT. you made my life so much more interesting.

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