Lecture 1, Introduction | MIT RES.6.007 Signals and Systems, Spring 2011

Lecture 1, Introduction Instructor: Alan V. Oppenheim View the complete course: ocw.mit.edu License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at ocw.mit.edu More courses at ocw.mit.edu

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  1. trololonews says:


  2. MIT says:

    We have two Chinese translation partners, see ocw.mit.edu/courses/translated-courses/

  3. 宇峰 胡 says:

    it will be better if it is translated into chinese!

  4. laurarb220 says:

    Signals and Systems by Alan Oppenheim

  5. EclecticSceptic says:

    Thanks for the upload of this series!

  6. vaibhavbamne0 says:

    is he from texas, like sheldon cooper????????/

  7. andresitd says:

    does anyone know the name of the textbook for this course?

  8. DNews2012 says:

    IT SHOULDN’T APPEAR PUBLIC. © WOSc. All rights reserved.

  9. dimil6 says:

    THANK YOU MIT! THANK YOU prof. Oppenheim! Thanks to all people who make youtube useful!

  10. sharrajesh465 says:

    I have read your awesome book. Thanks for the lectures as well.

  11. ThePistin says:

    If this lecture series were available two years ago, I would have got better grade in Signals and Systems. But I will watch it anyway.

  12. edward892 says:

    the 70’s didn’t know shit

  13. augustoccm says:

    What a great explanation! Congratulations Teacher and MIT for the examples and resources! Fantastic!

  14. ihavemonkeysinmybutt says:

    wth this video was made in 2012?

  15. stlivermore says:

    Everything you always wanted to know about signals processing but were afraid or too lazy to ask.

  16. viceversacn says:

    Finally! Thank you,MIT!!

  17. ningpo69 says:

    how about brightness ! ?? good speaker, slow , methodical and easy to follow. thanks.

  18. Mojomatrix says:

    Yes, but how many dimensions ?

  19. litoboy5 says:

    copyright lol

  20. DJ027X says:

    his moustache is multidimensional

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