Lecture 1 | Programming Methodology (Stanford)

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  1. Free to us. The courses are run regardless for the paying students. 20k-25 sounds right for a uni like this. Over a couple of years you would have spent 60-80k What has to be paid for here, is the SEE website maintenance, filming the lectures, putting the materials together on-line. I’m appreciative of the education being provided here, as I’m sure many are, believe me. From a student’s perspective it is near free, you may have to buy some course related books (a good idea) to help your learning

  2. do you know how srsly expensive a tuition at an ivy league school is? upwards to 20grand a year.. maybe you didnt pay directly, but it costs money, learn something about academia.

  3. They also tell you a few useful things in that first 40 minutes about the course and resources, I’d recommend not to skip it. It’s free and it’s only 40 minutes of your life where you could be watching Youtube videos of cats or something.

  4. If you have no formal programming experience. Karel is designed to introduce you to programming/design and pseudocode, it would seem, and then ties into Java etc. These exercises are worth doing regardless.

  5. No, they are free. MIT do request a donation to continue/improve the program, which I have done. Stanford’s OpenCourseware (Stanford Engineering Everywhere) program is sponsored. From their site:- “SEE’s pilot program was funded by Sequoia Capital, the Silicon Valley venture capital firm that helped launch Cisco, Google, Yahoo, NVidia and many other successful technology startups.”

  6. The first is a course reader entitled Karel the Robot Learns Java—a 35-page tutorial that introduces the major concepts in programming in the context of an extremely simple robot world. The second is the textbook The Art and Science of Java by Eric Roberts.

  7. I have watched about five videos of this instructor – in a row. I love his teaching style. I wish I had teachers like him. 🙂 I love his speed of speech – to much coffee perhaps but he gets to the point right now. Awesome!!!

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