Lecture – 39 Natural Language Processing – I

Lecture - 39 Natural Language Processing - I

Lecture Series on Artificial Intelligence by Prof.Sudeshna Sarkar and Prof.Anupam Basu, Department of Computer Science and Engineering,IIT, Kharagpur . For more details on NPTEL visit nptel.iitm.ac.in.

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10 Responses to Lecture – 39 Natural Language Processing – I

  1. paritoshrjn says:

    The lecture was useful and simple. thanks.

  2. Harshit Gupta says:

    hey !!! you cant blame IITs for this brain drain. Those people suck who run to foreign countries. GOT IT ??

  3. Abhishek Kumar says:

    Anna is immature… After promising not eating… He eats in his fast. He behaves like a kid..like a kid says to his mom…”I will not eat, I want that toy” but still he eat when mom lure him. With age he has lost his mental creativity and freedom and also his military reputation by behaving like kids! Sucks

  4. Alfred sparkle says:

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  5. Kapil Bedarkar says:

    And then comes Siri first mass application of its kind.

  6. Sudeep Reddy Gaddam says:

    very informative one..!!

  7. securezone says:

    Bible says when Jesus was speaking, he had a shiny gloss on his background.. similar to when this professor is speaking

  8. gpaluk says:

    I wasn’t saying that they didn’t communicate with any natural language. I’m saying that natural language is not a definative measure of intellegence. There are many other factors involved with intellegence, hence the reason that an IQ test is not a natual language test. This lecturer implies that it is a measure of intellegence from the start. I would think before I called someone an idiot. It’s a very rare occurance, I’m just bored of the human supremacy complex that exists and he’s an idiot!

  9. 1888junkteam says:

    excellent work!

  10. edtExodus says:

    They do communicate in a natural language with complexity dependand on their intelligence. The more intelligent they are, the more complex their natural language is. Think before you call people idiots.

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