Lecture 7 | Programming Methodology (Stanford)

Lecture 7 | Programming Methodology (Stanford)

Lecture by Professor Mehran Sahami for the Stanford Computer Science Department (CS106A). Professor Sahami recaps on CASTs, then continues talking about loop…
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  1. Robert Ellsworth-Strine says:

    for getting user input, I do not see why he doesnt have to create a Scanner instance. Using readDataType seems way more simple, but still going to use a Scanner

  2. Mrblawky says:

    where do i download karel the robot??

  3. tu madre says:

    nice burlch man! at @ 21:00 minutes.

  4. qoaa says:

    thanks! all working now :)

  5. Patrice Berube says:

    Everything is here, all of the files, everything you need including eclipse and Karel etc…: see.stanford.edu/see/materials/icspmcs106a/handouts.aspx Read the handouts, Download the assignment zip files (scroll down in the assignment page) which contain all of the java stuff already.

  6. qoaa says:

    Anyone know where I can find the class package to download they use so I can import it into Eclipse? they are using import acm.program.Console and in this example for readInt function it’s using acm.program.console eclipse doesn’t have the acm libraries by default and I can’t find any way to download these libraries if someone can help me out send me a private message on youtube I’d greatly appreciate it

  7. Tom Robert says:

    It must be awesome for students who is going to take this class next semester at Stanford to watch this whole class in advance. I wish I could do that:(

  8. pufixas says:

    n is defined as a parameter in fractional(int n) method

  9. pufixas says:

    They were learning about methods. So he couldn’t say that CD player is more like class.

  10. callmemolino says:

    I wouldn’t say that the cd player is a method. I think of it as an object with methods as void CdPlayer.putCd(argument theCd), music CdPlayer.play() …

  11. TheSimCaptain says:

    I can’t see where the value of “n” is defined in the factorial program, as “i ” has to be measured against it. It seems that a part of the code is missing. Surely “n” must be increasing by 1 every time before the factorial program can work on it.

  12. pufixas says:

    Head first java. Best book on java out there.

  13. freetalk08 says:

    Introduction To JAVA Programming by Y.Daniel Liang. It’s a great book and has everything you need.

  14. Wouter Zorgdrager says:

    Hello all, I just love these lectures. He is an amazing Professor! I have a question: Does anyone know a good Java book so I can search things when I need them. Thanks in advance!

  15. narco73 says:

    his factorial method accepts negative numbers..

  16. narco73 says:

    LOL @ I feel like Roger Daltrey :)

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