Legal Editor Describes 5 Ways to Fight a Red Light Traffic Ticket [Video]

Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) September 09, 2012

Many drivers mistakenly think there is no way to challenge a red light camera ticket, but in a new video Editor in Chief Larry Bodine offers five ways to challenge them.

“Don’t you hate getting a red light camera ticket?” Bodine says in the video. “People hate getting a red light camera ticket so much that recently in Newark, New Jersey, two of them were shot out with guns.”

More than 20 states use traffic cameras to harpoon drivers, so that even if motorists never see a police officer, they are stuck with an expensive ticket. The spy cameras cost drivers hundreds of millions of dollars in traffic fines every year, but the technology is imperfect. “Many drivers dont realize there are ways to challenge these automated traffic cops,” Bodine said.

In the video, he outlines five legal defenses drivers can use:

The vehicle shown in the photo does not belong to the driver.
The photo does not show the person who got the ticket driving the car.
The ticket was not sent in a timely manner.
The license plates do not match the driver’s car.
There were no warning signs posted at the intersection.

The editor recommends that drivers visit at to learn more about traffic violations and to locate a local attorney who can fight a red light camera ticket. is the top online destination for legal news consumers can use. Bodine is an attorney who leads a team of 20 reporters and video producers to publish news stories, videos, infographics and polls about the law and how it affects ordinary Americans.

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