20 Replies to “Legendary Magazine Feature Cars at the HOT ROD Homecoming – HOT ROD Unlimited Episode 31”

  1. Sorry but the Hot Rod woman talking about how she heard the scene “used to” be about mates building cars together over a beer. What the hell? Has she grown up in a world of cheque book builds?

  2. at 4:55 there’s a 32 ford with what apears to be weber carbs on it, what magazine was it in, I want to know more about this car and can’t find anything.

  3. Jim Wangers, the Godfather of the GTO, and I we happy to display the ’66 GeeTO Tiger that was featured in the March 2002 issue of Hot Rod. Jim is seen several times in that amazing autograph session clip. What an amazing event! See more of “Jim Wangers and the GeeTO Tiger” on Facebook.

  4. HOT ROD, thank you for stepping up your program and diversifying into the video sets. i know there is not many of you and you are doing it all from press to play. keep it up and we look forward to more great things from you. winning back a former reader.

  5. The announcer on the video stated Tommy Ivo’s AA/Fuel Barnstormer dragster was the first to run in the 8’s. It was the first dragster to run in the 7’s on the West Coast, not the 8’s. His Twin Buick Gas Dragster was the first dragster to run in the 8’s back in 1959.

  6. Man, I wish I got to go! I’d be a little kid in a candy shop. That 72 Orange Chevy Chevelle SS was sexy and I know Carl Shelby’s spirit was in that place. R.I.P Carl Shelby.

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