Lenawee Now earns top marketing award

Lenawee Now earns top marketing award
For the second year in a row, Lenawee Now received a top state marketing award presented by the Michigan Economic Developers Association (MEDA). The award went to Lenawee Now's community book, “Pure Michigan — Lenawee!” It was selected as the …
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Why 'GMO-free' is a marketing ploy you shouldn't fall for
Oh, and Chipotle is already being sued for their misleading anti-GMO marketing campaign: Their soft drinks aren't GMO-free, and their livestock eat feed with GMOs in it. Which is fine. But it does raise some serious questions about just how much …
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An Introduction to Marketing for New Businesses
On the other hand, marketing can become a black hole into which you throw your life savings with no return. Too many marketing and advertising companies have a suite of things they offer. They then try to sell this same suite of products to every …
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