Let’s bSocial! Networking and Social Media Learning Series

Let’s bSocial! Networking and Social Media Learning Series
Event on 2015-01-14 18:00:00

Let's bSocial!

A new networking and social media learning series from bSocial Strategy.

Building a Social Network: The Art of Social Media Storytelling Let's face it, Social Media can be your biggest strength or your achilles heel. Unfortunately, for many businesses, it's the later. The social media marketing advice most business owners get is completely wrong. They are told to SHARE and SELL. But, no one is teaching them how to properly cultivate lasting relationships. Once you understand how to tell a story on social media, engage leads and develop conversations with them, your business will skyrocket.

Join us for an evening of networking, hors d'oeuvres and cocktails followed by an hour-long seminar from award-winning social media expert Brittany Oat. 
Brittany Oat, owner of bSocial Strategy, will teach you how to: 
- Brand your business on social media
- Develop engaging social media content
- Generate laser-targeted leads for less than a day on Facebook
- Grow your Instagram account for FREE and cultivate connections
- Use Twitter to gain 10-50 new leads per DAY
- "Be everywhere" at once
- Develop YouTube videos that compliment your social media strategy
- Hashtag for success
- Connect with the news media and bloggers on social media for added buzz
About Brittany Oat: Brittany is an award-winning social media expert and public relations strategist who recently launched her own social media agency in 2013- bSocial Strategy. She is known for her unique ability to integrate the latest technology into cohesive and successful campaigns with measurable results. In addition, Brittany has created edgy viral video campaigns to compliment larger marketing programs. Prior to launching her own agency, Brittany Oat was a Social Media Community Manager for Team Detroit, which was named to Ad Age's Agency A-List in 2011. She has also served as the Director of Communications for the Business Council of Westchester. She began her career in social media and PR at Robin Leedy & Associates in Mount Kisco where she worked on campaigns for top brands. Before to her move to the world of social media and PR, Brittany worked as TV news reporter in NYC.

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