Let’s Fail – Rock Em’ Sock Em’ Robots

Let's Fail - Rock Em' Sock Em' Robots

Oh. My. God. This is quite possibly the WORST GAME I have EVER PLAYED- Yes, even worse than Superman 64 and ET THIS GAME SUCKS DONKEY BALLS!!! Enjoy me raging, lol. Twitter- twitter.com

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3 Responses to Let’s Fail – Rock Em’ Sock Em’ Robots

  1. TheJokersWildCoC17 says:

    The actual games of battleship and rockem sockem robots are fun. The ones you actually have to do something.

  2. mssherri74 says:

    LOL i remember that game! i had it for my GBA when i was 5….im 13 now and i still remember it XD

  3. KingSasuke117 says:

    Lol this game looks …..like….. CRAP I GIVE IT A NEGATIVE -10 out of 10

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