Let’s Play Trials Evolution With Geoff, Jack, Michael, & Gavin

The gang from Achievement Hunter tries the insanely fun and extremely addictive multiplayer in Trials Evolution for the Xbox Live Arcade. Slap on some kneepads, don your Mjolnir helmet, and prepare yourself for the ride of your life.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to Let’s Play Trials Evolution With Geoff, Jack, Michael, & Gavin

  1. SmilingPolitly says:

    OMG these guys are hilarious! XD I love it! ^.^

  2. Mace Villberg says:

    cc stands for cubic centimeters referring to the size of the engine the larger the cc the faster the bike just in case anyone is wondering

  3. AshenPhoenix says:

    Agreed. Like Gavin said, if BMX racing really was like this I’d buy season tickets too. LMAO

  4. AshenPhoenix says:

    At long last they’ve found a game/strategy that Gavin is good at: timely bailing across the finish line.

  5. Kenisi1 says:

    Gavin - King of bails; Destroyer of Michael´s sanity XD

  6. ayalaeve says:

    Gavin u rule

  7. XpLiZiTcOnTeNt7 says:

    AHH YOU FUCKING SON OF A WHORE!! DID YOU SEE THAT SHIT!! Michael is probably one of my favorite Achievement Hunters

  8. DaBigPink says:

    just realised that youtube has no logic, if I thumbs up then I’m saying that you are the only one

  9. tazzrule says:

    12.20 EPIC Bail Gavin.

  10. tazzrule says:

    Love this vid guys Gavin is EPIC

  11. superevyn says:

    GO BLUE TEAM!!!!!

  12. Will Stano says:

    YOBO- You only bail once

  13. timothy sennett says:

    geoff has anger issuis

  14. TheRacoonEmpire says:

    I think it’s trying to communicate, what should we do?

  15. Ares Owl says:

    1:45 Awesome impersonation of Gavin!

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