Leverage Social Media To Build Your Brand And Grow Your Business

Leverage Social Media To Build Your Brand And Grow Your Business
Event on 2014-04-12 09:30:00

Networking is crucial. Businesses these days interact with their customers in a wide variety of ways online. 

Social media tools have levelled the playing field between big businesses and small, and have helped close the divide between you and your customers.

The power of networking has only amplified with these tools and how we do it is constantly changing.

Business owners have many tools at their disposal to connect with other professionals, entrepreneurs and clients in a global marketplace.

During this 3 hour workshop, we will go over the fundamentals of LinkedIn and Twitter, two very powerful networks that can help you build your brand online, generate business and connect with professionals and clients both locally and worldwide.

LinkedIn: Getting the Basics and Going Beyond

Do you have a LinkedIn account, but never use it? Do you just accept a connection

request and do nothing else? Stop Forgetting and start following through.

Learn Why to be LinkedIn and How to be LinkedIn Effectively! Stop collecting connections and be a connection!

• Optimize / Complete & SEO your LinkedIn profile

• Understand LinkedIn Home & Navigate LinkedIn Effectively

• Grow your Network – Send and Accept Connections, Join groups and participate in discussions

• Build credibility through recommendations/endorsements

• LinkedIn N’etiquette

By the time we're finished you’ll go from being simply on LinkedIn to being LinkedIn. 

Twitter: Creating connections 140 characters at a time

Are you tongue-tied when it comes to what to say in 140 characters? 

In this part of the workshop we'll look at:

-Completing your Twitter profile

-How to connect with and follow people

-How to strike a balance between conversation and self-promotion

-How to monitor conversations about your brand, industry and conversations

-How to perform local search

-How to create a content calendar with a month full of updates so you can promote your business even when you're not around


It is recommended to bring a Laptop and your business card of course!

About Your Trainers

Shelly Elsliger, has been teaching LinkedIn to Job Seekers, Professionals, Small Business Owners,and Networkers since 2010. Shelly has helped individuals, business owners, students, entrepreneurs, job seekers, recruiters, job seekers, and all kinds of networkers learn how to maximize their LinkedIn experience and benefit from this amazing online professional networking tool. 



Sandy Sidhu is an online marketing strategist who helps entrepreneurs break down technology into simple concepts, learn the need-to-know of marketing and the web, all while helping you create community and connection with your customers.  

at Loblaws (meeting room)
4849 Bd St-Jean Pierrefonds, Sainte-Geneviève, QC H9H 2A9 (514) 624-6369
Pierrefonds, Canada

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