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Sorry for a late upload again today, doing our best to fix our technical difficulties for tomorrow’s video. Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we begin talking about the LG Nexus G’s recently leaked photos, the HTC DLX and its possibilities of being another Nexus variant, and a Samsung 10.1-inch tablet in the works for the Nexus program. Then we talk about the release of Android 4.1.2 and its benefits tot he Nexus 7. We later go through the Windows Phone 8 launch pre-order dates that were recently rumored. Then we talk about ClassicMap, which is a Google Maps alternative for iOS 6. We end today’s show by talking about some expected delays for the iPad Mini. All this and more after the break.
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17 Responses to LG Nexus Photos, Google Maps iOS 6 Client, Windows Phone Pre-Order Dates & More – Pocketnow Daily

  1. keving lat says:

    yeah you know the galaxy s3 actually sold more than the iphone 4s right. Wait until the next galaxy phone comes out. I agree the other android phones may not be that popular but the galaxy line is almost on par with the iphone line. Oh yeah and the nexus brand is pretty much taking over as well

  2. acuratlnigga says:

    Ipad is so shit. I bought an Ipad 2 for $200 sold it for $400 in a week.

  3. Russian Bear says:

    Nexus 7 updates are adequately relevant, home page enables now to homage apps move side ways, smoother performance as usual and less glitches when it comes multiple of apps running.

  4. F. Diaz says:

    5 millions iphones in 5 days…thats just 1 PHONE…Combine all Androids to 1 and see who sells more.

  5. F. Diaz says:

    Ipad Mini=A smaller shit tablet.

  6. abdullahm210 says:

    jaime could you please tell me what is the name of map i have searched classicmap but i am not getting it any where its not on play store or samsung apps could you please help me

  7. RetardsTeach4Nothing says:

    Word To The Wise. I am not implying anything. They can get an iPhone if they want. A Word To The Wise doesn’t mean you have to take the advice. Which is buy an android.

  8. menobastian says:

    They should call it the LG Optimus Nexus Prime :-)

  9. Vaughn Felix says:

    iPhone 5!!!!! loving my new phone blazing fast. Apple Maps has been perfect for me :) and I can’t wait to get an iPad mini of the price is right :)

  10. Kuscheltierfilme says:

    Apps are running natively, the iPhone 5 is one of the fastest phones out there outclassing the S3, you get updates immediately and for around 3 years, lots of devs preferably develop for iOS because it has less piracy problems so earn more, the screens are sized for one-handed use – except that i find the iPhone 5 already too large although I got big hands. Well, that’s just a few points, Android might be great but don’t act as if iOS got no right to exist on the market except stupid fanboys.

  11. DjbasshazzardTV says:

    Still let people get what they want :) and get what they think its what they need :)

  12. Ricky James says:

    whats wrong with u?none of us hate windows phone like u did on apple and android.you are the one who actually sucks!

  13. RetardsTeach4Nothing says:

    Everything does, but what advantage does Apple have over Android anyways.

  14. RetardsTeach4Nothing says:

    There is no need to call me stupid.

  15. RetardsTeach4Nothing says:

    Its just ‘Word To The Wise’

  16. Nox1987CEV says:

    Lg phones Blow would like to see a Sony version of the nexus

  17. GuNzKeWl says:

    Classicmap already got owned!! :(

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