LGR – The Sims 3 Showtime Review

Is the sixth expansion pack for TS3 worth buying? What professions, activities, and new objects are included? Is the Katy Perry edition worth its weight in glittery farts? Find out in this review! Buy Showtime for less than full cost here & support LGR! www.gamefanshop.com Download the Katy Perry sim: www.thesims3.com Download the LGR sim: www.thesims3.com Download Free LGR T-Shirts for The Sims 3 www.thebasingers.com How To Install Custom Content: www.youtube.com Donate to the show via PayPal: donate.thebasingers.com Buy “real live” LGR T-Shirts and swag! www.cafepress.com My PC system specs: lazygamereviews.wordpress.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to LGR – The Sims 3 Showtime Review

  1. Maynard Kemp says:

    Is it bad that I only want this for the genie.

  2. skyrab87 says:

    I don’t have any sims 3 friends :(

  3. stupidflameatronach2 says:

    i remember superstar.Wow those were the days

  4. LPSsistersForever says:

    how do ya get the genie

  5. Snowy Woofnix says:

    I would hardly call Katy Perry a musician…

  6. Selényi Gábor says:

    I hate the Katy Perry expansion packs!!! F*ck*ng Katty Perry

  7. LemonPollarBEAR says:

    im afraid i cannot buy this katy perry expansion as it may deface my sexuality

  8. AngelStardom says:

    I got the Limited Edition of Seasons for about $25!

  9. Joe Hunkk says:

    The stuff he shows in the video is from the Limited Edition for the most part. The limited edition added in Katy Perry and a few items. The stuff pack added a huge supplement of the other candy related items.

  10. GorgieClarissa says:

    Ok. I am confused. Is the Katy Perry thing, is that an expansion pack? Or a stuff pack? I always thought it was a stuff pack and I just don’t buy those… but I am just a little confused now!! Thanks!

  11. Webergal1997 says:

    sort of.

  12. Webergal1997 says:


  13. Webergal1997 says:

    to me, late night is better.

  14. Webergal1997 says:

    it is.

  15. Webergal1997 says:

    $40 for the limited edition, and $50 for the katy perry collectors edition. i think $30 for the regular edition

  16. AcquaeSapone80 says:

    I will buy Showtime when it will be cost less than 20 dollars….

  17. MegaPoone says:

    I remember Samantha Fox, a tiny wobbly wonder whose jugs was a regular feature at the breakfast table.

  18. emma Mason says:

    how much was the game

  19. CraptasticJack says:

    LGR- Out of all the current expansions for the sims 3, my favorite has had to be late night Me- *downloads Late night*

  20. loverockforever100 says:


  21. animalcross77 says:

    I have no clue if its worth $20… suggestions?

  22. BlueBunnyGamer says:

    he said his favorite was late night, and i think it still is according to this review 😀

  23. MrLilalvin10 says:

    LGR, which expansion pack do you think is better, Showtime, or Late Night?

  24. Maya Evans says:

    I got seasons for 30 XD and limited edition too!

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