Library Word Find Puzzle #2

Library Word Find Puzzle #2

Image by herzogbr
Everyone knows how a Word Find puzzle works. Use the Add Note tool above to circle the words. Read more about this on my website.

Update 12/17/11: All the words have been found – thanks for playing!

Here are the words to find: (-italic words have been found)

-Due Date
-Events Calendar
-Get To Yes
-Graphic Novels
-Jelly [what is a Jelly?]
-Open Source
-QR Codes
-Study Room
-User Experience

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6 Responses to Library Word Find Puzzle #2

  1. brewbooks says:

    Nice puzzle – saw it from your excellent blog.

  2. herzogbr says:

    @publicjill: What can I say, I like Easter eggs. And well spotted – no one found it last time.

  3. library_geek says:

    Very Cool.

  4. redsoxgirl33 says:

    i found QRCODES but i’m not sure i added the note correctly. hope so! thank you for putting this together, it’s so fun!

  5. herzogbr says:

    @redsoxgirl33: you did (twice, actually, so I deleted one of them) – congratulations on finding the last word. And thanks to everyone for playing.

  6. Machicouly says:

    Funny picture! I added it to my gallery "playing!" : I hope you don’t mind !

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