Life without true knowledge…

This is just a short video on how life can go past without us even realising. We become so wrapped up in our daily lives we forget the real reason we are here. Um this is the first video i’v eva attempted to make so sorry if the whole things abit basic :). The video also stress’s how one shabad in Gurbani can explain so much. This is just my perception and the thoughts i felt and had when reading the Shabad. If anyone has any questions about the video or the sikh religion in general please do not hesitate at all to contact me (, it would be a pleasure to answer any questions.
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14 thoughts on “Life without true knowledge…

  1. I have watched it over and over again and still get the same fresh feeling as if I have watched it for the first time. Such simple but deep rooted presentation for my children who are mesmerized with watching it each time, but take home a strong message, living in this confusing western world.

  2. really effort to applaud…….it will certainly put life of some of ppl back on track…..nice wrk dashmesh girls jatha……bless us all……….waheguru

  3. Thanks for sharing.. You should also take a look at the GurmatCollege website, for some amazing views by learned Scholars and Professors. Gur Fateh!

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