Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit ( Singapore )

Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit ( Singapore )
Event on 2015-03-14 09:30:00


Why not pursue the freedom of being a lifestyle entrepreneur?

It may be more simple than you think. 

Here are the five main attributes of what could be – your new life.

  1. Lifestyle entrepreneurs organise work around lifestyle goals (Such as flexible hours, hobbies, travel, charity work, creative pursuits or simple time with family and friends)
  2. Lifestyle entrepreneurs prefer to make ‘enough’ money rather than a constant capitalist pursuit of more without true purpose
  3. Lifestyle entrepreneurs have a secure baseline driven by a fundamental strategy in business, property or equities
  4. Lifestyle entrepreneurs tend to not be location specific. They are not tied to a physical office or even city or country. They go where they like
  5. Lifestyle entrepreneurs follow their passions and build businesses around them.Pleasing investors and social norms takes a back seat to doing what they were born to do


Welcome to the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit

This is where you will find out the ‘HOW’ of doing what you really want to do and having the most incredible, stunning life.

We know you are still thinking: ‘Yeah Right’

If this has triggered one thought like: ‘My mortgage, I need an income, I have kids, I have responsibilities or it’s ok for some’ then you absolutely need to be at this summit. No more excuses. Is it possible you can open your mind for just one day?


Here is what you will learn:

  • How to design your mindset, manage your beliefs and stretch your thoughts so you can embrace a future of joy, freedom and fun
  • The role of the five (5) key – must do’s of lifestyle entrepreneurship (Talent Management, Technology & Social Media, Relationships & Partnerships, Time Management, Securing your baseline in business, property or equities)
  • The role of your passions and dreams in your life
  • What currently successful lifestyle entrepreneurs do to have the coolest lives ever
  • The five (5) things that keep people stuck in the system and scared to break free (Media, Ego, Values & Beliefs, Fear & Lack of Mentors)
  • How to prepare your physical self for the life of your dreams without leaving your couch

You will leave this event knowing what you can do and HOW to do it

Here’s who will be sharing this information with you:



Mike Handcock 

International award-winning Speaker, Philanthropist & Ancient Wisdom Expert

Mike Handcock is the Chairman & Founder of Rock Your Life. He is an international award-winning speaker who has worked in over 30 cities and 20 countries in the past 3 years alone. 

In 2014 he was nominated as the NZ Speaker of the Year and is one of just 25 people globally to be awarded the speaking designation CSP Global. 

As an author, he has written thirteen books on business and personal development including best sellers and an Amazon #3. Before he could walk, Mike was a musician. Since, with nine albums to his credit, he has produced and written for Radio & TV. Recently voted as one of the top 10 coaches in Asia, his background in senior management in one of New Zealand’s leading corporates gave him a foundation, but also changed his life. He has been nominated for three Extraordinary Lives awards, produced a television show and is the producer and director of Dreamcatchers – an 82min international feature film launched in 2010. He has been mentioned by President Bill Clinton for his philanthropic work and as a seeker of ancient wisdom, can be found climbing through dusty pyramids or researching the secrets of the past with great diligence.


Imran Md Ali


Serial Entrepreneur, Leading Internet Marketing Expert, and the Founder of Profits Academy


Imran is a seasoned serial entrepreneur, the fields of art, consulting, education, marketing and coaching. His passion is bringing entrepreneurship to the masses is exemplified by his workshops and seminars weekly.

Monthly, Imran coaches over 60 coaches on a 1-1 basis and over 500 people in the group workshop setting. Imran's forte is in turning ideas into profits in less than 30 days.

He is a co-author of a product called Kaizen Business Principles with Brian Tracy, and in 2014, Brian Tracy called his book, "10 Steps to Markeing Plan", as a must read" –


Dave Rogers 

Leading Entrepreneurial Speaker, Coach, Deal-Maker & Word Linguist Expert

Dave Rogers has an impressive background that includes an MBA from MacMasters University; being the Asst GM of a large international banks trading arm and personally responsible for a .2B portfolio; the 2007 Winner of the Singapore Spirit of Enterprise Award; Co-Founder of one of the most significant entrepreneur networks on the planet and is on the founding board of three international charities. 

Dave’s personal development background started as an Asia co-partner of Tony Robbins and saw Dave personally coach entrepreneurs in over 30 countries. As the leading entrepreneur coach in Asia between 2005 & 2010, Dave authored two best-selling books and released numerous DVD programs. He has traded in real estate in over six countries, and is a shareholder with interests in over a dozen businesses spanning across ten countries. Well known as an international deal maker, speaker and trainer, people line up to attend his successful and motivating speaker events.





Landi Jac

Global Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Landi is the winner of Entrepreneur X Factor South Africa in 2013, the author of the new book; “Happy Staff – Happy Bank Account” and is currently globally licensing her company ‘The HR Girl’. Landi runs her businesses from café’s, airports and beaches located globally, a true Lifestyle Entrepreneur.



Special GUEST SPEAKER – a global leader in technology, an internet pioneer, online marketer extraordinaire!! Learn from one of the world' s top "behind the golden screen" – receive the ATM money machine approach, the 5 secrests from make money in your pajamas as well as 5 digits montly without making a single product. Believe the unbelievable! 

Here are 5 reasons to join us for the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit:

  1.  Mike will be sharing with you how to run multiple business interests from an iphoneanywhere there is internet access
  2. Landi will be sharing how to build and more importantly inspire quality relationshipsto do all the things you don’t want to do for you
  3. You will learn the latest (meaning 2015 )  trends in business, media, where to travel to, the costs of setting up and running businesses from a beach and the pitfalls
  4. You will learn why people are too scared to do this and always stay stuck in their current life
  5. You will address your own life, look at your beliefs, your values and what is really holding you back from what you really want

What people are saying about Lifestyle Entrepreneurs:

“You have to meet Mike. He is not only rocking his life, He rocks everybody else's life. Mike is from New Zealand, Chairman and Founder of an Educational Organization Rock Your Life, and lives now in Cape Town, SA. He is a Quantum Business Expert, and knows everything with quantum physics, (you would love the conversations). Moreover he talks leadership, motivation, sales and entrepreneurship at events around the world. Also he plays in a band, has a publishing house and a spiritual tourism agency. Amazing man! Plus he is very kind, and loves people, and making people find their awesomeness. I keep Mike close to my soul as my spiritual Godfather and The One who awakened me and introduced me to the awesomeness of the Universe and the power inside me. :)” 

Ana Constaninescu – Romania

“A lifestyle entrepreneur focuses on providing value rather than on profit, knowing that by doing so, they are building a sustainable business. it's also a reciprocal thing; the lifestyle entrepreneur  shows respect for the lifestyle of others by providing high value.”

Nick Oliver – UK

“A lifestyle entrepreneur is also location-independent. He is not tied down to a physical office, or a particular country. He choose to work from wherever he is, as long as he has access to the internet. His business system can be fully or semi-automated so that he has more time to focus on things that matter to him the most.”

Donald Lim – Singapore

at Chui Hua Lim Club
Keng Lee Road
Singapore, Singapore

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