LIFTER TECHNOLOGY: Demonstration & Explanation

Showing Lifter Technology in action. Provding basic information on how to construct, power and operate a Lifter, along with a brief explanation of Electrogravitic Theory, as suggested by T. Townsend Brown

16 thoughts on “LIFTER TECHNOLOGY: Demonstration & Explanation

  1. It is no ion wind, ion wind produced just small thrust on it. Why, because TT Brown has experimented it in vacuum and also oil. It result was the same. Also, when highly voltage charge a capacitor there is always thrust in direction of positive terminal or opposite the electric fields. Find out whole TT Brown electro-gravitic experiment. The ambient field of gravity become different when highly electric field placed in a space time.

  2. NICE demo It is certainly an ionized wind! The wire above and across the top of the wings charges air or more probably water vapor particles and the oppositely charged wings attracts those charged molecules and they race down the wing — it does not matter what the polarity is. Myth Busters put their home built working Lifter in a vacuum chamber AND IT DID NOT FLY! I LIKE the tech though, you need to build a jet engine with it.

  3. So you reverse the polarity of the wires to a lightbulb and create darkness? Or was it just the energy, flowing through the wires, which was required to ‘do stuff’? Maybe ionization doesn’t give a crap about the direction of your electrons…

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