Lights 4 Living Respond to Japanese Researchers Developing Robotic Lighting System

(PRWEB UK) 8 March 2013

Researchers in Japan have developed a robotic system to design lighting in a room by drawing your lighting design onto a tablet.

The researchers from the University of Tokyo call the product an augmented reality based interface which can enable users to design illumination distribution for a real room by using a selection of computer controlled lights.

The home automation system is called Lighty and works with robotic LED ceiling lights and a remote tablet with a live birds eye view of the room allowing users to design their complex lighting concept much like Photoshop.

A spokesperson from Lights 4 Living said:

This invention should provide a much easier way of creating a complex lighting design for a room. Mood lighting can create a great atmosphere for a room and influence the look and feel of your home. Lighting really is key to finishing a room and its important to invest in lighting fixtures that are sleek and stylish as well as fulfilling your lighting needs.

One way of creating great mood lighting for an affordable price, its worth looking into installing a dimmer. These can usually be applied to any type of light fitting and are easy to install.

Lights 4 Living are a leading lighting company based in Bath that stock a wide and ever-growing range of home lighting. With over thirty-five years in the lighting industry, Lights 4 Living have a great relationship with many lighting manufacturers so can offer unbeatable competitive prices on ceiling lights, picture lights, wall lights and more.

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