Linguistics – Do You Speak English

Just watch it.

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21 Responses to Linguistics – Do You Speak English

  1. torktt says:

    Vive le Canada! love french! …theres french on the signs!

  2. Neuverfleischer says:

    Ist das in der Mitte Simon Pegg?

  3. thephilosopherkartik says:

    Sadly enough, my lack of facility with the English tongue meant that the entire video was lost on me.

  4. heloizyjhenifer says:

    Mind you, it’s correct except for the verb being singular instead of plural :)

  5. Kristianto George says:

    omg this is so stupid.. lol jajaja..

  6. BasqueLandNorthSpain says:

    Languages are made-up out of the basque language(the original language of the european continent)the word charm comes from the basque word xarma.The damn monks who invented the languages didnt tell the truth so it has been concealed til recently.They stole our greatness n prestige

  7. GavriellaMichal says:

    Not a word! I need to get an interpreter.. HELP!…

  8. lovingsock says:

    I really can’t speak English.

  9. CobinRain says:

    Wi’n siarad tipyn o saeneg. Oes problem ‘da ti?

  10. smhussain62 says:

    hehehe. Very good. Nie, ludzie w sąsiedniej wsi zaatakował mnie z widłami. I have cheated in this reply. My polish is very very sketchy so I had to use google translate. I’m sure the grammar is wrong.

  11. ASLLinguist1 says:

    @smhussain62, Być może w następnej wsi.

  12. netuber12 says:

    really what language do you speak?

  13. netuber12 says:

    oh yea will. you can understand written english? and where are you from?

  14. Flavio Mattos. says:

    Ich hab to mix deutsch with Englsh language, it sounds amazing!

  15. emiro3 says:

    Really? So what area of Germany are you living in? cheers

  16. oxdeepblueseaxo says:

    that’s what everyone can see^^

  17. LaFarfelue says:


  18. smhussain62 says:

    Jak daleko jest Warsztat?

  19. daftever says:

    next time she better learn some french..dumb bitch

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