Linguistics – Not Clear (Free Download)

Linguistics - Not Clear  (Free Download)

DOWNLOAD FREE HERE: Track from Linguistics and Charlie P released as a free download by In Orbit Records as a lead …
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13 Responses to Linguistics – Not Clear (Free Download)

  1. iChadalac says:

    Foreal! Where is the new music Linguistics! !!!!

  2. havoljnir says:

    Dammit Linguistics, make a new fuckin album.

  3. uzpunk says:

    great! linguistics! i love his rap style

  4. NetnOz says:

    So chill music man love it, i’ll be waiting for some new shizzle 😉

  5. yasbek2h says:

    good song, good luck straight from Mexico!!!

  6. TRBB2 says:

    does anyone know when the new ep will be released?

  7. Jesse Daniel says:

    man this is sick (:

  8. ExtremeDubsteps says:

    make more! :( i love your tracks

  9. memorytapes1 says:

    Good song! I love it! :3 

  10. Hallam Wood says:

    big up max, smashing it!

  11. bestadamire says:

    Sick cut.

  12. OtherWorldDubstep says:

    This reminds of ‘i am and englishman’ by teknian and maxim.

  13. jodikk says:

    good job mate

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