Link-Assistant.Com, SEO and SMM Software House, Releases a Tutorial on Using SEO PowerSuite New Traffic Stats for 10x More SEO Efficiency

Minsk, Belarus (PRWEB) March 05, 2014

Link-Assisstant.Com, the company behind SEO PowerSuite (all-inclusive SEO software) and BuzzBundle (an SMM tool with a large coverage of social media sources)releases an in-house methodology that shows how to measure SEO progress, discovering new SEO opportunities and effectively plan an SEO campaign.

The tutorial tells how to use Not Provided data replacement to:

find the most traffic-profitable keyword niches;
learn if the right pages of your site rank in search engines;
check how well site SERP snippets perform;
see which keyword brings the most traffic to a landing page;
check if landing page’s content is relevant and engaging.

*About Link-Assistant.Coms Not Provided solution*

Link-Assistant.Coms “Not Provided” solution brings in the crucial organic traffic stats, which lets SEO PowerSuite users easily substitute unavailable Google Analytics data.

The software collects all necessary stats, applies complex calculations and delivers approximate organic traffic numbers in the new “Not Provided” Keyword Traffic tab. That enables the software users to unlock all “Not provided” keywords and calculate their traffic with 91% precision.

*About Link-Assistant.Coms SEO Guide*

Its been a week since we introduced the new “Not provided keyword traffic” dashboard in SEO PowerSuite, says Link-Assistant.Coms Press Officer.

The new feature has received a lot of positive feedback from our users and industry’s leading specialists, who found it extremely helpful for substituting the missing organic traffic data, adds the companys representative.

To further enhance our users experience, we released an SEO guide that will help them make a better use of the new feature for their SEO activities. Im sure this set of SEO tips will help website promoters use new traffic data for an efficiency makeover of their SEO campaigns, adds Link-Assistant.Coms spokesperson.

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*About Link-Assistant.Com*

Link-Assistant.Com is a top-flight SEO and SMM software developer and marketer that provides the industry leading solutions for bloggers, small business owners, in-house SEOs and SEO agencies.

With the business model build on progress and innovations, Link-Assistant.Com produces the top-notch tools that got a stamp of approval from more than 500,000 users worldwide.

Free versions of all Link-Assistant.Com’s apps are available on the company’s official website Link-Assistant.Com.

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