LinkedIn Success Program – Complete Process, Strategies and Practical Steps

LinkedIn Success Program – Complete Process, Strategies and Practical Steps
Event on 2014-08-28 08:30:00

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Did you know that there are more than 9 Million LinkedIn members in Canada that are influential and connected who tap into this powerful platform for general business networking and to find professionals and businesses just like yours?

  • 60% are managers, executives or business owners
  • 10% are top decision makers: Directors, VPs or CxOs
  • 30% are searching for suppliers and professionals
  • 50% have household incomes that exceed CAD 0K 


Do you have the right knowledge and process in place to make LinkedIn work for you and make it the most effective marketing and business development platform for yourself and your company? 

What if there is a complete process and strategy that allows you to tap into the unlimited amount of opportunities on LinkedIn and make it the most powerful business tool for you today… Would you take advantage of it?

Are you…

  • Worried that you don't have enough opportunities to meet your targets?
  • Concerned that you are not getting any tangible results from LinkedIn?
  • Frustrated about lacking the knowledge of using LinkedIn effectively?

What is the average lifetime value of closing a new deal for your business or winning your dream opportunity? Take a moment to think… Also try to think from an ROI perspective as you get the results you desire from LinkedIn.

Are you able to utilize this opportunity and you may involve other colleagues to join the LinkedIn Success Program with you? It is about time to take action if you want LinkedIn to work for you as it should be! 

LinkedIn Success Program is a full-day intensive bootcamp that will provide you with the process and practical steps to achieve your goals and objectives using this powerful platform. You will learn how to:

  • Attract new clients and targeted contacts
  • Accelerate business & professional development and growth
  • Create targeted and rewarding online network
  • Shorter sales process and communication cycle
  • Get found, get into business
  • Maintain "top of mind awareness"
  • Create a stream of opportunities consistently for free!


Result oriented learning is a unique approach of this program, which is focused on results rather than just features. Along the way, we'll be connecting you with helpful links, tools and "ah ha" moments to take away and implement immediately. And it's all in addition to a complete training-binder of the workshop content material that will arm you to use the power of LinkedIn for the long-term success for yourself and your business.The following will be included in the program:

  • Full-day workshop covering the most effective LinkedIn strategies
  • Certification by WSI Academy for your program completion
  • Full training material provided on a hard-copy binder
  • Live examples and case studies
  • 6-week complete plan of your LinkedIn activities
  • Email support for 2 weeks post the workshop
  • Comfortable venue with coffee breaks, snacks, lunch, and soft drinks


The program agenda consists of 7 main modules that will be covered during the workshop. In addition to the strategies included, we will review real life examples and case studies to connect each of the concepts with its practical application in the real world of LinkedIn

1) Framework: LinkedIn Essence , LinkedIn Misconceptions, The state of LinkedIn, and the LinkedIn Lifecycle

2) Planning: Setting your objectives, Measuring your success, Research and preparation, and Choosing the right account for you

3) Building: Customize your visibility, The core components, Individual profiles, Company pages & Team Profiles

4) Growing: Expand your targeted network, Sending the right invitation, Profile optimization, and Accepting invitations

5) Marketing: LinkedIn updates and badges, Search opportunities, LinkedIn groups, Business development, Reverse marketing, Advertising on LinkedIn, and Hiring on LinkedIn (optional)

6) Measuring: Network statistics and trends, Company analytics and followers, and Measurement tools

7) Managing: Building relationships, Profile organizer and tagging, LinkedIn mobile, Content marketing & automation


What they said about the LinkedIn Success Program?

"Today I learned how to use to my businesses advantage the many new releases from LinkedIn, as well as getting an update on a number of the incredible opportunities this amazing tool provides users as a CRM, Lead Generator, Networking Coordinator, and key person finder. This 8 hour workshop will pay for itself many times over in the next several months with new business opportunities that will fall into my lap now because of how I will start to use it. And, I have already been using LinkedIn for 5 years. Thank you Husam Jandal from WSI Academy for facilitating this incredibly valuable course. As you can tell, I can't recommend this course highly enough. Every Marketing Manager, and Executive, Salesperson, and business owner should sign up for this course before your competitors get ahead of you with understanding how this amazing tool delivers business opportunities with ease."

  Brian Gregoire (Marketing Consultant at WMM), Toronto, Canada 


"LinkedIn Success Program is a MUST for any business professional seriously looking to explore the opportunities which are available. The insights, strategies and simple and straight forward approach makes the whole thing easy and the potential for developing business opportunities exciting. I've set my goals and begun following the plan given me by WSI Academy and I'm very confident of success" 

  Graham Moore (Executive Coach at M.Success), Melbourne, Australia

"Attending the LinkedIn Success Program was one of the most worthwhile things I did this year. I only wish I had attended sooner. I learned everything I wanted to, and immediately felt the benefits from being there. I would highly recommend WSI Academy for serious professionals and businesses" 

  Claire Ryan (Sales Director at AIG Insurance), Dubai, UAE 

"WSI Academy provided a logical and easy to understand approach in their training methodology to what could have been a difficult subject whilst providing a personable touch which all parties could relate to. On the basis of this approach we left the training with a working plan in place to improve how we approach LinkedIn." 

  Jimmy Lynch (General Manager at Summertown Interiors), London, UK


Don't delay your success! Register now to secure your seat (limited availability) and be part of the elite group that will take themselves and their businesses to the next level up by using the power of LinkedIn.


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  • Do you have plenty of free parking space?
  • Is it true that this workshop space is limited to 20 attendees?
  • Can I ask any kind of questions about LinkedIn?
  • Do I get personalized support for my LinkedIn requirements?
  • Will you offer an option for post-workshop coaching?
  • Can I get a copy of the training material?
  • Can I wear comfortable clothes for the workshop?
  • Will you show me how to connect with my target audience?
  • Do you provide a process for new client development?
  • Does this program include a step-by-step process for LinkedIn?
  • Will I find out how to control my privacy on LinkedIn?
  • Can I control who will see my activities on LinkedIn?
  • Will you show me how to optimize my profile for maximum results?
  • Do you cover business pages as part of the training?
  • Is this program meant to help me grow my business?
  • Can I become a thought-leader by attending this program?
  • Will I be able to maximize my professional visibility by attending?
  • Will I love the LinkedIn Success Program?
  • Is there a certificate of completion?  

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