LinkJuice Celebrates its First Year of Providing High Quality Website Promotion

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) November 29, 2012

November 24, 2012 marked the first year of LinkJuice, the website promotion division of Internet marketing expert James Schramko’s company Super Fast Business. Providing expert promotion for businesses with the use of custom-created content and reliable distribution practices, the division has cultivated a reputation as a leading provider of quality links that help a wide range of companies build an effective and competitive link profile.

Many businesses have mastered the intricate workings of their operations but have yet to discover how to promote a website in a manner that effectively drives good traffic to their site and results in real conversions. To address this, LinkJuice created a winning formula for content creation and distribution that comes in four different packages: the Pro Pack helps clients experience quick website promotion through quality links, the Extra Pack harnesses the additional marketing benefits of widely syndicated custom press releases, the Enterprise Pack helps establish the client’s authority and includes a custom video, and the Immense Pack combines the previous packages’ strengths and rounds them out with an original and informative infographic that helps boost the client’s impact on its target audiences.

Super Fast Business CEO James Schramko cites LinkJuice’s extensive knowledge of effective online promotion strategies that produce lasting and low-risk results as the primary factor that contributed to the division’s successful first year. “The service has a solid foundation of results, speed, and quality,” he states. “We provide a higher level of assistance to our customers by providing high-quality original content so they get impressive results even if they start with a small site or an old site. We help our clients build their asset.”

Even with a major search engine releasing a number of game-changing algorithm updates designed to weed out low quality sites from its search engine results pages throughout this year, LinkJuice has remained steady in its objectives and has helped clients continue to see the positive results they seek. “We are able to adapt to changes fast because we have access to so much data,” explains Schramko.

“Everything we do is based around quality and long-lasting results. We were always private and never mainstream; we kept a low profile and continued to get excellent results the whole time. This has helped us gain a deeper knowledge of how to optimize your website and achieve optimal results.”

To stay abreast of industry trends and developments and stay relevant in the ever-evolving online scene, LinkJuice maintains a highly competent in-house team with years of experience in related online marketing services and a culture of innovation gained from testing several different strategies over large sample sizes. Schramko explains, “We welcome change by hiring inquisitive staff who are comfortable with learning and adapting to new techniques. We also have daily training and industry updates.”

Original text posts, links to trusted and powerful mature blogs, custom videos, well-researched infographics, advanced press release distribution servicesall these, combined with friendly and helpful customer service and a commitment to quality, have helped LinkJuice produce fast and enduring results for their clients during the past year. Its CEO is confident that the tradition of providing excellent service will stay true for the months and years to come. When asked about what clients can expect from LinkJuice in its future, he affirms, The same as always: quality, speed, and long-lasting results.”

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