Links-Building Launches Premium Escort SEO Services

(PRWEB) January 23, 2014

Links-Building announced the launch of their new SEO services aimed at the escort industry. Links-Building’s launch of their new specialized service comes at a time when escort businesses are experiencing an all-time low owing to a number of changes made to major search engines.

The escort industry is the oldest industry in the world, and with the internet the businesses has remained virtually unchanged expect for the fact that online agencies have websites at times in addition to a physical location. However, ranking well online can mean the difference between doing great business and not doing business at all in todays internet age.

The problem is the fact that since the industry is mainly frowned upon finding link building opportunities for SEO purposes is becoming increasingly difficult. This problem is further highlighted by the fact that SEO companies that specialize in escort services are few and far between. This is where Links-Building service hopes to change things for the industry.

The industry as it stands today is perhaps at its most challenging point. The businesses who invest today in ensuring that their sites rank well will in fact dominate for the next few years. Those that do not take the current trend seriously will fail to generate any business online. According to Sean Bardiera who runs one of the leading online escort SEO services online from his bustling office in the UK, An escort service needs to have more than just a fancy website, it needs to be marketed, it has to have a series of strong links which help it rank well and it has to be optimized so that people searching for them can in fact find the business. This is a challenge in an industry that has over four million escort sites and at a time when escort services are often mistaken for porn sites often ending up hurting SEO opportunities.

According to online business experts there will only be a handful of escort agencies online who will really make money, because they are investing thousands of dollars in hiring an excellent SEO service who specializes in the industry. SEO services that do specialize in the escort industry are few, are expensive and very few are actually result oriented with a portfolio to prove that they are good.

While the escort industry has grown immensely both online and offline, the internet has made it easier for a great number of offline businesses to generate interest online. However, the challenges that threaten to shutdown these businesses are stronger than ever and overcoming them requires professional help in part from SEO services like the ones provided by Links-Building. Links-Building works by helping businesses first establish a credible brand image and then work through that in order to achieve higher rankings. This helps improve the ROI over the long term for these businesses.

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