Lionel Messi vs. Robot Goalkeeper (Japanese Video)

Lionel Messi vs. Robot Goalkeeper (Japanese Video)
A Japanese TV show created a soccer goalkeeper robot that reacts at the speed of light, apparently making it all but impossible to score. After several top Japanese players were stymied by the machine, Argentinian soccer legend Lionel Messi accepted …
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This Robot's Got Soul! We Discover an Animatronic Ray Charles Sittin' on a
While the robot (let's call him Robo Ray) appeared to be playing the keyboard and his mouth formed the shape of the words to Ray Charles's rendition of the Southern All Stars hit “Ellie My Love,” close inspection showed that the music was coming from …
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Reining in fully autonomous 'killer robots'
So-called killer robots, such as drones and robotic sentry systems, are already widely in use. These weapons still rely on humans to decide whether or not to fire on a target. Fully autonomous weapons envisioned in the future, however, could function …

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