Lisp, Coffee Script, Functional Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Python

Lisp, Coffee Script, Functional Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Python

Jon talks about his experience with programming in Go, Java, Python, Lisp, JavaScript and other languages. Jon spent his summer working at He wa…

20 thoughts on “Lisp, Coffee Script, Functional Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Python

  1. Great video, especially the portions on LISP which I find more interesting. If you’d like check out some of the work on LISP tutorials I’ve done on

  2. You replied to only one of my comments and that is what I was replying back to. I forgot I even had another comment on this video because it was over 2 weeks ago. The other comment was an opinion, sure, but still nothing about saying there’s only one ‘right’ way to do something. You still haven’t explained yourself on that assertion. It sounds like you need to take some of your own advice.

  3. Well then you need to re-evaluate your writing style as to not seems to confrontational if you don’t want to be exposed as a troll. For instance saying that your assertions are facts when in FACT (no pun intended) they are indeed opinions. Guess what? Other peoples opinions are just as valid as yours. Just because YOU think them doesnt mean they are FACTS.

  4. Your logic is that because I don’t agree with what everyone else wrote that means I’m not only wrong, but a troll? You are one jaded person. Understandably because there are a lot of trolls online, but sometimes, just sometimes, people are using comments for what they’re made for: responding honestly.

  5. Why don’t you take a look at the last comments (4 now) that you have written and compare them to what other people wrote. Thats really all I need to say. You won’t leave it there though because you are the guy in the YouTube comments that feels the need to “win” an argument so you will keep trying to cite reasons why everyone else is wrong and you are right until one of us gives up.

  6. Oh please. What exactly about what I said is saying something is the only right way to do something? Please copy and paste the exact text. You can’t, because I was merely stating a fact, not an opinion. The last sentence of it was speculation based on what he said, still not anything about which is the right way to do things. Can it.

  7. And there always has to be one guy commenting on the video who is smarter than everyone else and knows the “right” way to do things isn’t there? Predictable.

  8. I don’t understand why he said vim can’t replace emacs because emacs lets you run tests suites, command lines, quickly write custom functions, and use it for all your languages… vim absolute can do that. My only guess is that he loves lisp and lisp is more of an emacs environment.

  9. That’s not true that you can’t learn new languages as quickly when you get older. If anything you learn them faster if you have a lot of previous experience. Of course it’s also not true that everyone goes bald and fat either. Sorry, I just dislike the stereotypes like this that cause a flood of young inexperienced noobs to control the software market causing the same old mistakes to keep getting made and we wonder why it happens :p

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