Lisp Speech Impediment

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11 Responses to Lisp Speech Impediment

  1. zalien6 says:

    You shouldn’t worry about your speech impediment so much lol. You’re a beautiful girl, everyone is going to see past that.

  2. Dragon Slayer says:

    i have the same bite problem as you! plus i have a lisp. i know how you feel.

  3. mariah2517 says:

    lol i can’t say that word..

  4. watifistickmycokinit says:

    When people with lisps say “Bithneth”, you know they mean business.

  5. mariah2517 says:

    i have braces and sometimes I sound like i have a lisp because i can’t hardly say words with S’s in them

  6. duhmainmang says:

    i actually think the lisp adds to your cuteness. always thought this. you are so cute and adorable, its not even fair.

  7. marramamiau says:

    youre so fucking hot, with or wothout lisp

  8. erynrachael1 says:

    thank you for makeing all of these videos!! im 15 and i have a lisp along with an open bite and other anoying mouth problems.. but this is really helping me feel like im not alone. i cant have the surgery until im 18 because they need to be sure im done growing, but im very excited to see how your surgery turns out! im nervous for you but also excited! dont stop making these update videos! thankss

  9. visualvision says:

    It is a journey, and a long one at that, but worth it :)

  10. visualvision says:

    Yes, I’m feeling much better now :)

  11. icecrunchisnowy says:

    hey! just read your a section of ur blog, hope that ur kidney infections gone?

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