List Segmentation and Automation in Aweber (How To) — Great tool to automate and segment lists in Aweber. This video goes through several “little known” techniques to automate,…
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4 thoughts on “List Segmentation and Automation in Aweber (How To)

  1. A helpful post, very good, thank you. Makes sense unlike much of the list building gobbledygook and IM double talk. Simple and basic, I like that. NOW I just need to get started building my list from ground zero. I would appreciate any and all the free advice I can get. Following IM for over 10 years, buying tons of stuff over the years. Barely getting my feet wet, I need to do more than wishing and put all my content and subscriptions to good use. List building is a much bigger priority now.

  2. Glad to help! 🙂 I went into some spiffy cool Aweber list segmentation and automation strategies… if you have any follow-up questions, let me know!

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