Listening Options When Mixing Having your mixes translate well on different speakers is something to keep in mind when finishing up a project. Having multiple listening options aside from your studio monitors such as your MP3 player, car stereo or home sound system is key to balancing your mixes. In this episode Justin discusses how to take advantage of everyday listening options to better your tracks.

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  1. One other easy place that’s good to test your mix is on a home theatre system (if you have one). They generally have a sub bass woofer so it’s going to sound very different than most of your other reference points. It’s a great way of making sure the bottom end isn’t going to cause any problems.

  2. Oh Ok. I think I am understanding what your asking now. It basically sounds like a cymbal hit (open hi hat) combined with the snare hit. Like the decay of that cymbal hit and maybe some slight reverb on it. Sounds like he eqed it a bit so you can’t figure out exactly what the sound is right off the bat. Hope that helps out and I got the right sound now haha. Talk to you soon, Justin winksound

  3. @WiNKsound thnx man but no not the little voice in the beginning im talkin about an effect in the whole song one effect in the master channel somthing like air or somthing …its sumthing like the fan sound ..some air im too sure its an easy effect but couldnt figure it out yet….we normal producers have some clean and dry beats sharp if u know wat i mean …but his is not..not very clean its like dust or air in there

  4. @WiNKsound add those FX and you should be good. Play around with the settings of the plug ins to get it to fit your track. I will send over the videos and let em know if they help out. Talk to you soon Justin winksound

  5. Hello Thanks for the positive feedback! Im not sure exactly what you are talking but what I think your talking about is in it the very beginning with eminem (his voice)? Its pretty easy to recreate that. I will send over some videos with the production techniques. It is basically a telephone effect, some reverb and delay which is automated in the right places. You might want to make the vocalist stand alittle bit further from the mic to create that distance from stage to audience.

  6. To check your mixes in mono just create a mono master fader. All your tracks will sum to mono that way. You can also do a bounce to disk in mono, mono summed and check it after it bounces. The purpose is to make sure none of your tracks (sounds, fx, instruments, etc) are not canceling each other out (their frequencies). It is also a good way to check if any of your tracks are over powering or clashing with the other tracks. Hope that helps. talk to you soon Justin winksound

  7. @kind… Sorry man it’s gonna take much more than plug ins to recreate dre’s mastered sound. And it’s definitely not anything from izotope. Try waves and oxford plugs then get as much knowledge and practice as u can.

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