Little Dragon – Wink Little Dragon bringing that funk from 2007’s self-titled debut
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to Little Dragon – Wink

  1. arxsyn says:

    I am loving the heavy electro soul-funk vibe in this one. Sexy! Perfect song for fall.

  2. aurlis2012 says:

    omg, new fav band. it’s cool how certain music enters your life when you need it most

  3. Blackwell84 says:

    What are some sexy sultry Little Dragon songs? I new to her am Im loving it!

  4. violetsugarlemons says:

    awesome :)

  5. SpicyHamachiRoll says:

    Love this

  6. Girlwitfoot says:

    she sounds like eryka badu to me .

  7. Palix Lee says:

    just Little Dragon and Björk would be the best for me, but it will be all good if you just took Gaga off

  8. Yangblaze11 says:

    how are there dislikes, each to his/her own.

  9. anamommy1 says:

    awesome list minus Gaga.

  10. mysterymediacorp says:

    Well,regardless if her music suites someone’s taste..she’s one of the more original female artist out there, along with the rest I mentioned

  11. blaqstaar says:

    I was with you, till you said Gaga. 

  12. Jasmine Mitchell says:

    Thank you!!! Not even in the same stratosphere!

  13. mysterymediacorp says:

    Commercial doesn’t mean not good, Michael Jackson,Prince & other creative artists are commercial as well…are they not good ??

  14. Distortion0 says:

    Novel doesn’t necessary imply good. For all of Gaga’s “weirdness”, she’s heavily commercial. I think LD, Bjork and PJ Harvey is more likely/preferable.

  15. mysterymediacorp says:

    Where do you know me from for you to claim what I know or don’t know ? I’m actually from the same culture as Badu and I know she appreciates another creative artist like Gaga.You’ve been conditioned to see Gaga as commercial but someone like Badu would see her as another unique artist, also Erykah or any artist would be foolish not to want to expose their art to the bigger audience that comes with a Lady Gaga tour

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