Live Rolls Royce Roof Chop – PPC Magazine

Practical Performance Car Magazine’s Rolls Royce got a roof chop live at PPC in the Park 2010. It took a lot of men, some serious angle grinding action and quite a lot of ale – but they managed to do it in one day.
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14 thoughts on “Live Rolls Royce Roof Chop – PPC Magazine

  1. what are you talking about? I drive a car with a chopped roof, it’s so low you need low profile seats, ricer seats. Thats what they put in there, ricer seats. They are seats that are for racing, but ricers use them to make their car look more aggressive.

  2. Ricer seats… Some someone can’t be original anymore? They cant drive around in a home made car that would beat a million dollar car… You need to take a nice long look at yourself.

  3. From the looks of this video if i go and cut a roof off of another mustang wich i have the tools to do, Does it look like i could get a buddy that knows how to weld help me out. The 4 structures that needs to be welded will not be visable from the out side because it has pannels that cover it from the outside, and pannels that cover it from the inside. If anyone could help me it would be very much apprietiated because now its the only car i have.

  4. i was going 120 in my mustang I had just finished building on a track and all of the sudden bang my hood flew up. I had a carbon fiber roof and instead of just breaking the windshield the carbon fiber hood wrapped around my roof and caused so much damage to my roof that im going to need to get it choped off and get a new one welded on. The body shop wants about a 1000 dollars to weld a new one on but i dont have a thousand dollars. I can get a roof off of another mustang for 75 dollars.

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