Live Sudoku Announces New Multiplayer Format

(PRWEB) April 23, 2013, a gaming website featuring the wildly popular Sudoku numberic puzzle game, has announced the completion of some major website upgrades including a brand-new feature no other Sudoku site has. Live Sudoku users can now take advantage of a multiplayer platform to compete against other gamers head to head. The new format is sure to be appealing to friends, family members, and other groups of Sudoku gamers who enjoy playing against one another for the best time.

In addition to a fresh new look and feel, Live Sudoku has also updated their gaming platform. Their visitors can find new options allowing them to save games, use pencil marks and use their computer’s keypad for easier number entry. Of course, the same features that have made the website one of the most popular Sudoku gaming sites on the net are still available. Choose from four different levels of difficulty including beginners, medium, hard, and wicked. Watch the time tick away as puzzles are completed, pause when a break is needed or save a puzzle and come back at a later time.

Live Sudoku is also the place for mobile users who want to play a quick game now and again. The website is fully compatible with iPad, iPhone, and most Android devices. Simply bring up the site in a mobile browser and you’re off and running. The new high-scores system will even track play and rank players among all of the rest of the site’s users. Individuals can compete to become the fastest Sudoku player on the net.

In terms of the multiplayer option, players can choose to compete directly against another player or the site’s robot. When competing against another player both are working on the same puzzle in real time. The player who correctly solves the puzzle first is the winner. Each user is also able to see the board of the other player; a nice feature that allows them to see how their opponent is progressing.

About Live Sudoku

Live Sudoku is an online gaming platform offering millions of free Sudoku puzzles to users. Gamers can play single puzzles as guests of the site with no registration necessary. Those who want to compete in multiplayer format or utilize some of the site’s advanced features are required to become registered members. Registration is free and with no obligation to purchase anything. For more information about the site, its puzzles, or the rules of the game please contact Live Sudoku using the e-mail address or with the contact page on the website:

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