Livefyre Launches Storify Enterprise

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 07, 2014

Livefyre, provider of the leading real-time content and audience engagement platform, today announced through a company blog post that it has released a new version of Storify, marking the most significant update since it was acquired in 2013. The redesigned Storify platform offers a powerful method for social storytelling and now includes new enhancements that help individual bloggers and freelance reporters, editorial staffs and brand marketing teams capture real-time content and create compelling stories right as they unfold using curated social media.


Storify Enterprise (formerly Storify VIP), offers significantly enhanced real-time collaboration capabilities, enabling multiple users to simultaneously add text or content in real-time, see who else is working on a story at any moment and access editing history to clearly identify what changes were made by whom.

Covering stories has always been a collaborative process, and thats even more true when youre sifting through huge volumes of social media for a breaking story or brand campaign. While part of the team seeks out great photos and quotes, others craft the story and give context, explained Burt Herman, co-founder of Storify and vice president of editorial at Livefyre. Storify Enterprise delivers on what our users have long wanted: true collaboration that enables everyone to easily tell stories together.

Additional features for Storify Enterprise users include:

-18 social sources for content including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google, Soundcloud, RSS and more

-Autosave with every keystroke

-Undo/redo support, allowing users to undo or redo changes as far back as the start of the session

-Private stories shareable via a secure link ideal for internal reports, company communications or personal research

-Ad-free stories

-Full customization and unrestricted API access, so embedded stories can align with any sites brand and styling

-Enterprise technical support via email or phone

-Real-time updates as content creators publish changes or updates to live or ongoing stories, meaning readers dont have to refresh the page

-SEO compatibility

-Google Analytics integration


Also today, Livefyre announced it has redesigned the Storify story editor (the workspace that serves both enterprise and community users) and its website with a new design aimed at showing users how to maximize the platform. Livefyre also unlocked additional Storify features to empower individual content creators including:


-Undo/redo support

-Option to insert timestamps into updates to ongoing stories

-Anchored links, allowing users to share links to specific items within a story

-Ability to connect Storify profiles to a Facebook page

-Export-to-PDF feature, including live links and autodetected page breaks

For more information about Storify Enterprise please read the launch blog post. For information about Storify Enterprise pricing, please visit

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