Living Magazine Cover and Spread – Outside Magazine

Photographer Alexx Henry and his team show you how a magazine might look in the not-so-distant future with the October cover and spread for Outside Magazine….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Living Magazine Cover and Spread – Outside Magazine

  1. mycellmedia says:

    Excelente demostración del poder de tu plataforma me gusto mucho. Gracias Cesar y Healthy por mostrarmelo

  2. uytiuyt1 says:

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  5. shamaliification says:

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  6. Joomington says:

    More likely we’ll see flexible computers similar in shape and function to the iPad replace physical newspapers and magazines entirely. All content will be downloaded directly to our devices that can be folded or bent for easier storage and seamlessly expanded when we want to use them.

  7. soulvisuals says:

    Awesome camerawork. Just wait until the IPAD comes out !

  8. Luka Strnisa says:

    Don’t you just want to punch Alexx for some reason…. maybe it’s the second x…

  9. itsalljake says:

    Two Years Before The Mast

  10. itsalljake says:

    Two Years Before The Mast does the first song and El Ten Eleven does the second

  11. ReggieUnderbelly says:

    I do both as well. I regard the motion picture industry highly, and most of my friends work in it. I wasn’t saying anything negative about motion pictures in general, but taking over one of the last mediums where still photography survives makes me angry. It doesn’t matter how many snobby photographers you’ve met, the fact remains that it is a dying medium.

  12. ElementsVideo says:

    Devalue photography? Sorry but that is one of the most ridiculous statements I have heard in a long time and just about sums up stills photographer snobbery towards people who work in the motion picture and video industry. As someone who does both I can tell you that while there are different skill sets at work, creating great video and motion pictures takes a damn sight more skill and knowledge than any stills work.

  13. Jimmy Hickey says:

    Its the way of the future guys, this will be big.

  14. Aaron Tharpe says:

    exactly nsthankiya! i don’t see magazines paying for these types of productions on a monthly basis vs. buying still photos for their prints (not even taking into account the costs of the actual technology and the “screenlike” pages)

  15. Felix van Oost says:

    That is absolutely insane! Done amazingly well too!

  16. shadowdetails says:

    thermovalist… I’m with you… living art?

  17. ReggieUnderbelly says:

    So basically you want to devalue photography by making everything into motion pictures. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a new concept. If we want to see the world in motion, why wouldn’t we just look around? Or go on YouTube. A moving magazine would probably give me a headache.

  18. peapodtech says:

    sick music. good work.

  19. dahanneda says:

    hooray even more moving and blinking in our lives. Can’t wait for it. Who wants to read an article in a magazine with the rest of the page moving around? Pretty distracting, isn’t it. Amazing technology, but it should be implemented in more useful environments than a journal.

  20. theremovalist says:

    Living Art???Um, it’s called ‘video’. It’s been around for awhile now…

  21. 44014 says:

    watch the whole thing it tells you………..

  22. nsthankiya says:

    magazines are cutting budgets like crazy, how much did this cost?

  23. DaniiAnnvios says:

    You are AMAZING at what you do!! This is our future, WOW can’t wait to see more!!

  24. darkbyke says:

    STEADICAM. It works amazingly well, you can run with the thing and it doesn’t shake.

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