LMFAO – Robot Daniel

LMFAO - Robot Daniel

NYC Halloween on Oct 31st 2011. In the Greenwich Village were the parade is taking place. One brave man was given 4 hours to make the LMFAO – Robot Pete costume. He did within the time limit with what ever tools he had. The result was good, but missing ears. He was probably the best costume in NYC and he gained popularity. To see more Photos: www.facebook.com/DreamersAwaken Also don’t forget to Subscribe for more production fun work. If you wanna see Robot Daniel (aka Pete) dance to Dance Central 1 and 2, email me through youtube and facebook.
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11 thoughts on “LMFAO – Robot Daniel

  1. No @Kiakrev1. I actually spent the whole day (oct 30th) deciding on what to wear, and then LMFAO came up. I head to HomeDepot, bought what is required to make the robot head and wah-la…done. It isnt perfect, but i had fans that day.

  2. @Jenz, i went to a bike store and ask for red led lights for the back side of a bike. They gave me selections of 3 dots eyes to 2 dots eyes. Of course i picked the 3 and it cost me $15×2 dollars in NYC.

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