Loading a Cotton Cordell Redfin

Steve McKenna takes us step-by-step on how to load a Cotton Cordell Redfin for better casting and action. www.edgeangling.com

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5 Responses to Loading a Cotton Cordell Redfin

  1. MadSmokerBBQ says:

    What colors do you find work the best for this lure?

  2. skamatt23 says:

    Awesome vid…just hate how he calls them “Stri-ped bass”!

  3. finfish100 says:

    wow good info there … is it possible to do this with the bomber lures ?? please reply n also where can i buy a few of the cotton cordell redfin ? thanks ..

  4. Jason Noneyabeewax says:

    Is there anyway to buy the rigged sluggos specificly made by Steve McKenna, or a exact replica? By this I mean a 9inch sluggo rigged with gamakatsu hooks, and with the weight insert in tail, can I buy a pack of these? I don’t want the mustad ones you offer on the site, plus I don’t think they come with the weight insert.

  5. TheSaltwaterEdge says:

    3/0 VMCs, the latest batch we got came with them already on there, no need to swap

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