19 Replies to “Local Business Marketing: How You Can Dominate Google With Online Marketing Tips and Techniques”

  1. haha yea, but I should clarify. You are correct in thinking it is an effective way to endorse your website. I DO recommend getting your website ranked. But, don’t spend so much time and resources that your forget about everything else. Being #1 is not that important if you can take up multiple spots in Google.

  2. You can do website seo and video seo without using an address. With Google places you have to have a real address, so that won’t work. BUT, you can get a PO Box and sign up for other directory sites that allow you to use a PO Box. We ran into the same issue in the live marketing challenge I am doing. You can get more info on it at livemarketingchallenge[DOT]com

  3. I like it when a person can turn into a great instructor, and i can tell that you learned by experience, it’s even greater when you can share that experience

  4. thanks so much everything you say sounds so good for a small buisness we just have to understand how to press the corect butons on the p c thanks brandon

  5. No problem! Glad you liked it. We are putting together a live challenge of these techniques. It should be pretty useful! Our channel will have more info on it.

  6. You’re welcome! We are actually putting together a live marketing challenge where we go through all this stuff. Check out our channel for more info!

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