Local Business Marketing: How You Can Dominate Google With Online Marketing Tips and Techniques

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  1. soldwithvideo says:


  2. leang kang says:

    very good

  3. soldwithvideo says:

    haha yea, but I should clarify. You are correct in thinking it is an effective way to endorse your website. I DO recommend getting your website ranked. But, don’t spend so much time and resources that your forget about everything else. Being #1 is not that important if you can take up multiple spots in Google.

  4. Caitlin Whitfield says:

    wow, mistake # 2. haha. I thought its the most effective way to endorse your website. haha. .

  5. soldwithvideo says:

    You can do website seo and video seo without using an address. With Google places you have to have a real address, so that won’t work. BUT, you can get a PO Box and sign up for other directory sites that allow you to use a PO Box. We ran into the same issue in the live marketing challenge I am doing. You can get more info on it at livemarketingchallenge[DOT]com

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  7. Mpumelelo Nevelle Mangco says:

    Awesome Video. Thanks dude

  8. soldwithvideo says:

    Thanks, great observation! Most of the stuff I post on YouTube are things I am currently testing or have tested.

  9. MCAinTheUSA says:

    I like it when a person can turn into a great instructor, and i can tell that you learned by experience, it’s even greater when you can share that experience

  10. soldwithvideo says:

    No problem, glad you found it helpful!

  11. Joseph Colombo says:

    thanks so much everything you say sounds so good for a small buisness we just have to understand how to press the corect butons on the p c thanks brandon

  12. soldwithvideo says:

    No problem! Glad you liked it. We are putting together a live challenge of these techniques. It should be pretty useful! Our channel will have more info on it.

  13. soldwithvideo says:

    You’re welcome! We are actually putting together a live marketing challenge where we go through all this stuff. Check out our channel for more info!

  14. valerija b says:

    I like that you now what you are doing and that you are sharing useful tips with us. thank you!

  15. Ryan Moeller says:

    Cheers, excellent video!

  16. pooreboy313 says:

    Great info thanks !!

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  18. soldwithvideo says:

    Thanks for the comment. I am glad you enjoyed it!

  19. 1313LEONA says:

    I love your video is good info to all thank you for charryn it with us.

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