Local Google Advertising

Local Google Advertising

Google results for Local Google Advertising. Actual search engine results page on Dec 7, 2008 Your not going to beat Google at Google. Search Engine Results, especially with respect to advertising, well it’s Google’s Dojo:) The first three results displayed are sponsored links. This youtube video is about organic listings, the first 2 listings are Google Adwords. NO one is going to rank higher in Google, about Google, than Google is! I wanted to upload this as a sort of resume for those seeking to see what Frederick Web Promotions can do… What good is a search engine optimization firm if that SEO firm can’t get it’s own site to rank at the top of organic search results pages? www.frederickwebpromotions.com I apologize for the lousy audio in this YouTube video.

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  1. BrittPhillips says:

    Local offline advertising is often overlooked as a great form of effective promotion for any business. I’ve used this method with great results many times over the years. If you’re looking for a free way to advertise your business to 10,000 people locally, this might be just what you’re lookng for. I love the fact that every time I’ve used this method I’ve made sevral hundred in a few days PLUS got my own ad(s) out to 10,000 local people for FREE! GuaranteedWayToMakeMoney [dot] com

  2. MarylandAdvertising says:

    because those people are paying to be there, they’re not chosen by Google as the best link to represent that keyword.

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