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  1. Michael Flores says:

    Because there are many internet businesses these days it’s difficult to be competitive. I am hoping this helps somebody else

  2. AggressionSsbb says:

    you are very cool 

  3. Thang Pham says:

    thats freakin awesome

  4. credits123vx says:

    Why cant I have videos this great?!

  5. DJCobraism says:

    this was so funny 

  6. AFatMushroom says:

    I subbed because your voice is amazing! :)

  7. Ed11Morgan says:

    Bloody amazing, keep it up

  8. moneyguidez says:

    Im going to subscribe for more

  9. PartyRawkPartyRock says:

    woow,how did u make this vid? love it!!!

  10. youssefsalmo says:

    Im shocked that you have not been hired by hollywood.

  11. eltrangalangaz says:

    how long have you been making videos for

  12. Nhật Linh Trần says:

    I watch this video 10 times a day 

  13. snoopymisaki says:

    Holy shizzz im subbin

  14. Chic loit says:

    superb video my friend i made one like this but yours is better

  15. Thanh Long Nguyen says:

    i dont think? the log one is funny

  16. bomusic2901 says:

    I like your video, very nice

  17. Ben Wei says:

    Im keepin my eyes out for more vids as good as thissss

  18. 1986kimkim says:

    thumbs up keep it coming

  19. Tag TagTag says:

    wow… youre gonna be famous on youtube

  20. fossilwwjd says:

    Keep on rockin !!!

  21. DJCobraism says:

    keep the good work up

  22. takuto16102006 says:

    -how do you record your games? i use bungie pro to download it but i only get 5 minutes a month soo lol

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