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http://www.localsearchmarketingx.com/ Local Search Marketing and Local Search Engine Marketing is a powerful way to drive customers and leads to your business.
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  1. Spook SEO says:

    This is indeed useful. The top 5 elements small businesses should keep in mind when it comes to marketing are: keywords, web design, promote, social media, and go local. Make sure to have the right keywords, the website should have quality content and should be navigated easily, promote through linking up with other similar businesses, social media of course gives more exposure faster, and it’s easier to get known when you target first locally.

  2. localsearchit says:

    great video, lots of good information, keep it coming. Looking forward to the next one

  3. Noman rashid says:

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  4. Mark McCulloch says:

    Hey All I can bring myself to say is what an awesome video! Really enjoyed watching the excellent content Will be back again soon for more Mark

  5. 4BADWISHER says:

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  6. DiosesMadridistas says:

    wow i showed this to all my friends

  7. daveflies says:

    wat video editor did you use to make this?

  8. LianneLindie says:

    LOVED IT!!!!

  9. Austen05 says:

    good job very helpful

  10. fredyfrankle5 says:

    U SAVE MY LIFE!!!!!

  11. rmulhui says:

    awesome job!!

  12. filmsmarvel1 says:

    dang This was an awsome tutorial, thanks so much. Keep the videos coming.

  13. filmsmarvel3 says:


  14. desteryandnathan says:

    i have been looking for this tut everywhere! thanks for posting!!

  15. ZincCod4 says:

    Sooo aweeesomeeee. You should make more videos. You really know what you’re doing

  16. AmazingClans says:

    thanks for the tut

  17. theocarlene says:

    awesome! a favorite and a tumbs up

  18. wkfhmkwznwa3309 says:

    wow i didn’t know u could do that

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