Local SEO Marketing Company TVS Internet Marketing Releases New Citation Finder Tool

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) May 08, 2013

TVS Internet Marketing, LLC, an SEO company based in Minneapolis, MN, is pleased to introduce the latest addition to their internet marketing services – a citation finder tool.


According to Travis Van Slooten, local SEO consultant and founder of TVS Internet Marketing, this tool would be of great help to small business owners who are looking to maximize their online presence.

With his more than 8 years in the internet marketing business and with several profitable web-based ventures under his belt, Travis knows that one of the keys to online success is a strong web presence. This means not only having a website, but one that has high visibility in the search engines. But ranking well for keyword searches related to one’s particular industry isn’t easy for business owners, and this is where SEO consultancy firms like TVS Internet Marketing, LLC can step in and be of assistance.

“Establishing a profitable business through the internet calls for a savvy web marketing approach,” Travis said. “But because business owners don’t have the time or luxury to find out what the right methods are, it’s up to us to share with them the strategies we’ve learned over the years.”

According to him, one such strategy for getting a business additional exposure in the local market is through building citations. In internet marketing, a citation is the business information of a company found on local and national online directories. TVSInternetMarketing.com simply describes this process as somewhat like “getting listed in multiple online phonebooks.” While the information provided is quite basic – business name, address, phone number – being able to list citations in the most appropriate directories can be extremely beneficial to any business. When done right, citations can boost a website’s Google+ local page ranking and increase its chances of being found by potential customers.

With hundreds of directories for citations available however, many small business owners don’t know where or how to start. There may be a lot of online resources offering advice on building citations, but the information is too fragmented.

“Having to piece together all the available information can be an overwhelming task,” Travis explains. “When they can’t figure things out, many business owners simply give up.”

As a result, a good number of businesses miss out on the benefits of getting citations.

Taking this problem into consideration, Travis thought of a way to make building citations easier for small businesses, and in partnership with JD Media Surge, LLC he came up with is the citation finder tool. As its name implies, this easy-to-use tool will give business owners the citation sources that are best suited for their industry and location.

Let’s say there’s a chiropractor in Minneapolis, MN who already has a fully-optimized website but doesn’t know the first thing about building his citations. All he needs to do is go to the TVS Internet Marketing website and use the citation finder tool to know which specific directories should take priority when he has his citations listed.

In addition, the tool will also give businesses the best websites for citations as a whole, regardless of which industry they belong to or where the business is located. Out of the numerous possible options, owners will end up with a succinct list prioritized accordingly – which ones should be done first, and which other sources can be done at a later time.

“With such a tool on hand, citations can be sourced faster and more efficiently,” Travis adds. And if citations are found where they should be, businesses get greater chances of improving online visibility and increasing sales.”

For more information about the company and its array of SEO services, visit TVSInternetMarketing.com or follow them on twitter.

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