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Local Web Design and SEO localwebdesignandseo.com and Video Production by: 30secondvideomarketing.com Local Web Design and SEO – If you are not on the 1st page of Google Local Search Results, you are losing potential new customers every day. Contact us today for a FREE Website and SEO Consultation. We can also help you with other Small Business Online Marketing Strategies. Even the best designed websites are worthless without visitors. That’s why we utilize the most effective traffic generation strategies on behalf of our clients. We help you dominate the local search engine results to bring you targeted traffic that is profitable for your business. Contact Us Now at 303-501-9250 * FREE — No-Obligation Phone Consultation * FREE — Local Marketing & SEO eBook * FREE — Keyword and Competitor Analysis Check out my other Video on: “YouTube Marketing and Marketing your Business with YouTube” – www.youtube.com Music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″ Video Production by: 30secondvideomarketing.com Local Web Design and SEO: localwebdesignandseo.com Local Web Design and SEO and Local Search Engine Optimization
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  1. LocalWebSEO says:

    Of course – feel free to contact me and I can give recommendations.

  2. LocalWebSEO says:

    Hi Jonathan – yes, a lot has happened to Google search since this video was made – since panda & penguin, I’m now focused a lot more on video marketing.

  3. followterry says:

    Do you know any trusted local SEO providers?

  4. James Stafford says:

    Well done thanks.

  5. Mark Allan Goodson says:

    Search engine optimization might be the fiend. just just in case you treat Google based and offer top quality thrilled for them to have the ability to change and offer it for clients – then everyone is content. Youtube joining Google brings you numerous of site site visitors for the door that’s certainly

  6. Jonathan Leger says:

    My recent experience has been seeing a drop in rankings of my authoritative sites that I have knowledge in and value to offer. But for my little niche sites that I know nothing about I’m seeing consistant and even higehr rankings. Google is not doing well lately.

  7. nileshacs says:

    Good Video, with a great knowledge

  8. howtomakeawebsite5 says:

    Great information.

  9. LocalWebSEO says:

    Not hear of it Jack – I use Market Samurai for KW research…

  10. Jack Byran says:

    I’ve heard Keyword Scout is good, has anyone tried it?

  11. 1SourceSEO says:

    Nice video. Informative on the topic of SEO…

  12. pageinvasion says:

    Great info for Local SEO, thanks for taking the time to put together and post!

  13. LocalWebSEO says:

    Thanks – I’ll try to put together some new video material soon…..

  14. LocalWebSEO says:

    The basic principles of this video are still true. However user interaction has more impact and Social engagement is also now more important…

  15. LocalWebSEO says:

    I appreciate that… Thanks!

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