Localist Spring 2014 Release Improves SEO and Audience Engagement for Marketing Professionals with Expanded Online Calendaring Platform

Baltimore, Md. (PRWEB) May 06, 2014

Localist, the industrys only provider of an interactive online calendaring platform, today announced the Spring 2014 Release of its expanded platform, which improves SEO and audience engagement through advancements in marketing automation, analytics and mobility. Localists intuitive, cloud-based calendar takes the confusion out of managing events, turning event content into a powerful marketing driver that saves time, boosts attendance and increases overall brand awareness and SEO.

Localists unique calendaring platform has helped hundreds of enterprise customers use events to positively impact their bottom lines in various industries, including education, healthcare, health and beauty, marketing, media, government, and travel and tourism. In the past five years, Localist has powered more than one million events and saved customers an average of 8,000 hours of work per year over other calendar software. It has shown to raise awareness and increase event attendance by up to 70 percent and web traffic more than 3,000 percent.

In a recent case study, the University of Texas at Austin found that the new Localist-powered calendar allows it to easily curate content for thousands of events promoted to more than 52,000 users, and the social media and RSVP features significantly increased the user experience. The Localist platform reduced the administrative burden and also helped the university achieve a 35 percent increase in event website traffic.

The Localist Spring 2014 Release features new capabilities that complement the existing platform, such as:

New calendar themes enable users to customize all aspects of the design. An enhanced, minimalistic default theme provides greater flexibility for users as a starting point for customization.
Updates to bulk uploading and feed importing technology enable users to add even more information to hundreds of events in one step. Each event entry produces an individual landing page for improved discoverability and optimal search authority.
New user-permission levels and administrative pending queues further streamline the event management process.
Expanded filters now provide more search options for users and SEO benefits for marketers.
New, downloadable RSVP reports allow calendar administrators to quickly evaluate attendee performance.
Analytics updates to Tailgate, Localists native mobile app, make it possible to track activity on the app and capture insightful mobile user data.
Improved mobile navigation makes it easy for users to find events on the app, even if they dont know whats coming up.
Localist helps marketers better understand their audience by producing custom analytics from event, RSVP and social sharing data. Event managers can also use Localist to monitor anticipated event attendance and make informed choices about where to dedicate resources. Marketers can also seamlessly integrate Localist with Eventbrite, Google Calendar, Facebook and more to maximize event exposure and attendance. Localists exclusive Trending algorithm looks at dozens of factors to reveal more than just the most popular events, but the most interesting or unique events.

With advancements in marketing automation, analytics, and mobility, Localist helps marketers and webmasters take full advantage of their event calendar content in a wide range of industries. Recent customers include Northland Church, Penn State University Liberal Arts College, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resource, Travel Portland and The Vineyard Gazette Media Group.

We are always adding new capabilities to our platform to further our mission of helping our customers connect their audiences to events, said Localist CEO Mykel Nahorniak. We’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve, relentlessly challenging what’s expected from a calendar. We are passionate about the power of authentic content and helping organizations make the most out of their online event calendars. Whether you are a hospital administrator in charge of whole-health activities for patients or a librarian hosting literary events for the public, Localist makes event promotion simple.

About Localist

Localist is the industrys only provider of an interactive online calendaring platform that optimizes event content for enterprise marketing goals. The Localist platform helps marketing professionals take full advantage of their event content while delivering a unique and engaging experience for their audiences. Localists intuitive, cloud-based calendar takes the confusion out of managing events, turning event content into a powerful marketing driver that saves time, boosts attendance, and increases overall brand awareness. Localist serves hundreds of enterprise customers in various industries, including higher education, healthcare, media, cosmetics, sports, and government. In the past five years, Localist has powered more than 1 million events across the globe. For more information, visit localist.com or follow on Twitter @localist.

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