Lockfire Technologies to Procure Government Contracts for Consultation Services and Implementation

Austin, TX (PRWEB) July 24, 2013

State and local governmental departments are quickly realizing the importance of updating existing information systems, both to save time and money, as well as to create a more efficient experience both within the agency itself and with the public. With internet usage becoming commonplace among most demographics, the importance of a more refined user experience is demanded by citizens looking to fulfill basic requests with various agencies. Lockfire Technologies, whose current customers include small and medium sized businesses, now seeks to build relationships with government agencies by providing them with similar solutions for functional departmental needs.

Lockfire Technologies develops strategies by first identifying and analyzing current systems and methodologies in place within a governmental agency. Working with both department heads, as well as building on the strategic plan, efficient solutions are put into place methodically, to ensure a clean transition with minimal interference. Proper testing and integration, and also training of key personnel is paramount to an effective outcome.

Lockfire specializes in creating enterprise database systems to ensure that troves of data are optimized for their intended purpose, indexed properly, and monitored to ensure optimum performance. It is also critical to ensure the safety and security of both the data itself, as well as user access and permissions. Proper encryption, transmission, and storage are critical components of a complete solution.

In order to provide a complete and customized package based on a request for proposal, Lockfire Technologies additionally offers marketing services to complement the nuts and bolts system builds that they develop. Proper social media interaction, search engine optimization and marketing (SEO and SEM) must be utilized, and end users customers and the public must have a pleasing interface with which to conduct business with.

Lockfire has consistently crafted solutions based on strict budgets and met the demands of companies looking to accomplish specific goals in a timely way. Governmental agencies can rest assured of the same high level of commitment, technical capability, and follow through as Lockfire begins participating in government contract procurement and bidding.

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