LOCUS-T Announces the Importance of a User Friendly Website, Helps in SEO Services

(PRWEB) June 17, 2013

“Success is an important element to any online business and therefore it is always recommended that the site should be SEO friendly which actually helps in the development and popularity of the online business,” said Deric Wong. LOCUS-T has been offering better internet marketing strategies and web development services to many website owners in Singapore and Malaysia to enhance their business presence and making sure that their business is popular and reaches out to more audiences globally. If you are looking for internet marketing and SEO services in Malaysia and Singapore you can always look out for services provided by LOCUS-T.

During the public talk last week, LOCUS-T discusses the importance of a user friendly website helps in SEO services and the company launched a “user friendly website” package together with SEO Plus services that can help site owners that are looking for SEO Malaysia. With the kind of SEO expertise and internet marketing skills that LOCUS-T has, website owners can be sure that their website will be targeted with the right and accurate keywords that can attract more audiences to their sites. With SEO Plus LOCUS-T can offer better options to increase the volume and quality of traffic to the site.

LOCUS-T also offers PPC Plus service which is more towards internet advertising on Google and Yahoo! through PPC better known as Pay Per Click which can offer better returns. This service also allows website owners to have better potential in the market and create more brand awareness. The good thing about this service is that there are no budget restrictions and deadlines for it. Nevertheless, to obtain the success, a “user friendly website” is a very important factor as well.

With the help of search engine optimization services in Malaysia and Singapore, LOCUS-T can improve the brand awareness in the market and create more credibility in the market. This is very important for website owners as they can create better user friendly website that can offer them better returns with the help of SEO services.

Online website development service is equally important for website owners as they can create functional, user friendly and better sites with better internet marketing options for SEO Malaysia. LOCUS-T offers wide range of SEO services that can help website owners to take their business to the next level.


An internet marketing agency with extensive experience and utilizing a unique approach, LOCUS-T is able to offer an exceptional service in regards to optimizing a website. With highly qualified professionals on hand which can benefit their clients in whatever way possible, LOCUS-T was the first company in Malaysia to be a Google AdWords Certified Partner and Yahoo! Search Marketing (SEA) Authorized Reseller.


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