LOCUS-T Introduces Exclusive & High ROI Adwords Service to Malaysian Businesses

(PRWEB) May 01, 2013

LOCUS-T has launched the high ROI Pay-per-click (PPC) services to Malaysian business which this is a web based advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the publisher on the basis of the percentage of the traffic clicking on the advertisement.

LOCUS-T is one of the leading internet marketing companies in Malaysia who specialize in Google Adwords and the company is now offering the Adwords package at affordable price. In contrast to Google Adwords, which seek to drive a high volume of traffic to one site, PPC services carry out an affiliate based model, which provides revenue generating opportunities wherever people may be surfing. Websites that use PPC ads will display an advertisement when a keyword query matches an advertiser’s keyword list, or when a content site displays relevant content.

In order to fulfill the market demand for Google Adwords services, LOCUS-T has a dedicated team of experts who guide clients towards leveraging on this adwords service. The company had put in a lot of effort to achieve a high ROI campaign performance for their clients.

“Cost per click, along with cost per impression and cost per order, is used to assess the cost effectiveness and profitability of internet marketing. Cost per click has a big advantage over cost per impression in that it tells us something about how effective the advertising was. Clicks are a way to measure attention and interest. Inexpensive ads that few people click on will have a low cost per impression and a high cost per click. If the main purpose of an ad is to generate a click, then cost per click is the preferred metric,” said Deric Wong.

“In the flat-rate model, the advertiser and publisher agree upon a fixed amount that will be paid for each click. In many cases the publisher has a rate card that lists the cost per click (CPC) within different areas of their website or network. These various amounts are often related to the content on pages, with content that generally attracts more valuable visitors having a higher CPC than content that attracts less valuable visitors. However, in many cases advertisers can negotiate lower rates, especially when committing to a long-term or high-value contract,” added Deric Wong.


A digital marketing agency with extensive experience and utilizing a unique approach, LOCUS-T is able to offer an exceptional service in regards to remarketing a website. With highly qualified professionals on hand which can benefit their clients in whatever way possible, LOCUS-T was the first company in Malaysia to be a Google AdWords Certified Partner and Yahoo! Search Marketing (SEA) Authorised Reseller.


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